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Mixtape Review: Neako "LVLZEBRA"

If you aren't familiar with Neako, then this is the perfect project to get familiar with him.  The Newark native is one of the most unique artists  in the Hip-Hop game right now & no one has a movement like his LVLY$L ZEBRAGANG. LVL has many types of meanings, including L-earning V-aluable L-essons while the Y$L stands for Y-oung S-ex L-ife. The Zebra Gang was adopted by Neako because no Zebra has the same stripes & like I said earlier, no one can compare to his style & type of music.

Neako aka Benny Blanco has been on the scene for awhile now, but is really starting to get the respect & recognition in the game that he deserves.  Affiliated with TaylorGang it's no surprise he likes to blow it down, and it's very obvious some of his tracks are influenced by marijuana. On the other hand he shows his roots to the streets as he states  "My credit in the streets is A1." Mr. Blanco is very comfortable in rapping about his daily life and surroundings which  believe that is why he earns so much respect from fans, and other artists.  Like I said earlier Neako has such a diverse fan base, because he relates to so many types of fans

On to the review.. LVLZEBRA:

Neako starts out LVLZEBRA with a Mysterious English woman's dialogue with a quick intro about his LVLYSLZEBRA Gang that flows right into his first verse, where he clearly states he reps LVLY$L & is affiliated with Taylor Gang.  He gives his smoke influenced fans a few tracks that are perfect to spark up to including "Rollin With The Ghost" "TheLufthansa Heist" "LVLRATCHET" & "left down right up." 

Neako easily reaches out to the streets in his tracks like "LVLNWK" & "LVLGODMLR" and when I say reach I don't mean stretching, he clearly is spitting his experiences in the streets through his verses.  Smoke & the streets don't complete Neako at all, he does a nice job speaking about his life and the ladies in it in his track "LVLOVE." Yet in all 20 tracks I guarantee you will catch Neako reppin his LVLY$L ZEBRAGANG set at least once.  I advise you listen to each song in order because unlike most mixtapes, Neako's LVLZEBRA flows together like chapters in a story.

Where Neako stands out from the rest of the Hip-Hop industry to me is the way he reps his set & pushes his movement. No one in the game has a better concept/brand and seeing it grow & progress is a tribute to his hard work & dedication to succeed. You can tell he has put it all into his career & LVLY$L, so you can't knock his hustle & grind. In fact, it's tough not to respect it & wish that every artist had his work ethic. Also, salute to Mr. Benny Blanco because he isn't doing it for just himself. Since he started, he has been putting his people on which is obvious in his "The Lufthansa Heist."

If you haven't listened to Neako's LVLZEBRA Mixtape it needs to be your #1 priority.  I am willing to bet once you give it a listen, you'll be searching for more projects.

S*r0w's Score: 8

Score out of 10 

See original LVLZEBRA post: [Here]

Favorite Lines:

"Hella trees in my jungle"
"These are my sour raps"
"Tearing in my soul, but I love this pain"
"You can walk in my shoes, but you'll get lost ni**a"
"You be lovin them bitches, but we be sharing them girls"

Favorite Track:

Tough to pick one so I'll pick my top 3, in no order
The Lufthansa Heist
Rollin With The Ghost

Presented by: Gramercy Records, World Music Group, and Taylor Gang

Production by: Harry Fraud, Neako, Loud Neighbor, Flying Lotus, Morcheeba, Mark Deschamps, KRBN, Cash Hits, J.Green, William Toller & more.

Tweet I sent the homie a few weeks ago.

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  1. £V£•¥$£

    Neako is setting the mark and doing things beyond the brand. This is much bigger than rap. It's The World. 2050 and beyond. *salute*



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